League Info

The Liberty Box League is the evolution of fitness competitions. Our mission is to create the best team competition league in the state by creating competitive and fun races, ensuring fair judging, and promoting community through fitness above all.  Instead of traveling to costly competitions, athletes will be given the chance to build a team of  4-8 athletes and compete on a consistent basis with consistent rules all for less than the average cost of a single competition. These teams can be co-ed, all men or all women. It is each team's choice.

- Teams can be made up of a minimum of FOUR athletes and a maximum of EIGHT athletes. There are no specifications on how many male or female athletes a team must have. You can be all male, all female, or co-ed, but all athletes should come from the same gym. Teams will be divided into three division (novice, open/scaled & upper/RX) and weekly competitions will take place on Saturdays between 1-3pm at host affiliates. Affiliates who enter a team must agree to host at least one event (determined by the number of teams participating). 

League and Race Format - A hybrid format consisting of elements from traditional functional fitness competitions as well as newer team-oriented competitions will be used for all races. Races may be task priority (time cap) or time priority (AMRAP), and athletes will be allowed to substitute at any time throughout the race. There will be two races each weekend and 4 athletes from each team can participate in each race. This means a team of 8 and a team of 4 could compete against each other with the assumption that the team of 4 would have all athletes competing in both races. This also allows for teams to have athletes who cannot make every race. 

For time priority races (AMRAP), placement is determined by the number of reps completed in the race. For task priority (time cap), placement is determined by the total time it takes a team to complete the tasks. Overall scoring will be based on placement against all teams within each division (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc). All points will be added at the end of each weekend to determine rankings. The team with the lowest point totals will advance to the championship. If needed, a tiebreaker will be used to determine which teams advance. The tiebreaker will be determined once programming is complete and prior to the start of the season. 

Race sectors will be determined by the judges provided at each location. Sectors may be laid out in a straight line, square, or any shape as long as there are two or more identical lanes for all teams. 

For the championship tournament, double-elimination bracket format will be used and races may be expanded to have more sectors and increased movement difficulties as compared to the regular season. 

Price - Regular Price is $165 per athlete. Early Bird Registration is $150 per athlete for the first 30 days of registration.  Each athlete will get a LBL t-shirt and discounts through sponsors. 

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